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Ott Releases This Week Telugu October 2023: You won’t be able to keep up with all of the brand-new Telugu films that are coming out this week. It’s especially harder if you’re not a movie aficionado who follows the newest movies. The most recent Telugu films released this week are covered in detail below. New films are released every week, so there is always something entertaining to watch.

Keeping track of what is available and how much time you have to view it might be challenging. Because of this, we’ll cover everything that will be released this week, including the highly anticipated movies and web series, which will start streaming on Disney + Hotstar on October 2023.

Ott Releases This Week In Telugu October 2023 List


Young and carefree Shree Shaurya, often known as Show (Naga Shaurya), lives a carefree life in Rajavaram, spending time with his friend Satya and revelling in the simple pleasures of life. His father works tirelessly to keep their pharmacy operating for the benefit of his son. Shaurya’s father, however, decides to send him to Vizag because of his mischievous nature.

Shaurya develops feelings for Sahaja (Yukti Tareja), a medical student, in Vizag. But Murali Sharma, Sahaja’s father, places a requirement on the marriage: Shaurya must come back from Rangbali and settle down in Vizag. As Show, a.k.a. Sri Shaurya, negotiates this difficult circumstance, the story develops.

OTT PlatformNetflix
Release Date4 August, 2023
Directed byPawan Basamsetti

Daaya (Web Series)

The Bengali web serial Taqdeer was remade as the Telugu web series Daaya. Dayaa, the title character and the driver of the freezer van serves as the focal point of the story. When he finds a dead body inside his van, his life takes an unexpected turn. He and his best friend are thrust into a succession of progressively difficult situations as a result of this startling revelation, which kicks off a sequence of stormy events.

OTT PlatformDisney Plus Hotstar
Release Date4 August, 2023
Directed byPavan Sadineni


The residents of the village of Rudrangi live in a state of terror and devotion while Bhim Rao Deshmukh (Jagapati Babu) keeps watch over them. Bhim Rao, a guy with a reputation for prostitution, is married to Meera Bhai (Vimala Raman), but he puts up with injustice and repression in silence. Deshmukh marries Jwalabhai (Mamata Mohandas) as his second wife, which furthers the situation. Unwilling to give in, Bhujanga Rao (Kalakeya Prabhakar), a strong landlord, and Bhim Rao become rivals.

Mallesh (Aashish Gandhi) and Rudrangi (Ganavi Laxman) are married while still children. Mallesh’s fury and desire for vengeance are stoked when tragedy hits and Mallesh’s family suffers as a result of Bhujangarao’s deeds. Mallesh and Bhim Rao team together, but things take an unexpected turn when Bhim Rao develops feelings for Rudrangi, the woman Mallesh had married when they were young.

OTT PlatformAmazon Prime Video
Release Date1 August, 2023
Directed byAjay samrat

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