14 Paintings That Perfectly Illustrate the Crazy World We Live In


The first goal of all art, in the view of Russian artist Waldemar Kazak, is to make a good impact on people. For those who have ever seen his paintings find them, in one way or another, disturbing. Kazak himself claims that his art is satirical, reflecting a highly comical bent on everyday life. He admits his art is also a form of defence against a ‘predatory outside world’ in a certain way.

We’re all robots

On the subway

A modern cemetery

Robin Hood’s arrows

White or black.

Silk food


A good haul


A scene from Red Riding Hood: ‘I’m here, Grandma’!

Living room decoration

Doesn’t look edible…

Catwomen and her boyfriend at home

Heart’s shop

Source waldemarkazak.com

Preview photo credit Waldemar Kazak