Video: Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada threatens snake attack against Indians, especially PM Modi, for abrogation of Article 370


In a Twitter post, Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada published a video in which she threatens Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Indians. In the video, she can be seen playing with snakes and crocodiles.

In that video, Pirzada indirectly abused of a snake attack against him for revoking special status of Jammu and Kashmir.

She claimed herself as a Kashmiri, she asked Indians to be ready as she is all set to send those snakes across the Line of Control to inflict damage on the Indians. She further said that Indians should be ready to die in hell.

“As a Kashmiri girl, I am ready with all these snakes to gift it to Prime Minister Modi. Get ready to die in hell. All my friends are however peace friendly,” said Rabi Pirzada.

Following, the Pakistani singer started to sing in support of Kashmir. In the video, it can be seen that singer Pirzada is playing along with snakes, whom she introduces to it as her friends.


Rabi Pirzada is best known for her unusual behaviour. In January, she had gone on to buy a chicken unit after Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had assured to give poultry and livestock to women to promote entrepreneurship in deprived areas. She even posted a video showing off how she successfully managed to hatch 8 desi chicks in the environment of her house.