Paragliding Guy Is Now On News Channel & He Tells What Exactly Happened That Day

Paragliding Guy, News Channel , internet sensation, Land Kara De, Vipin , paragliding experience

Well, Everyone has a wish to do paragliding or skydive at least once in their lifetime. The experience is amazing and adventurous. A guy name Sahu who thought to have some experience but something bizarre had happened.

By now You must have came across a paragliding video which went viral and the guy was abusing himself for taking this decision. It was a complete roller coaster ride for him. He was dreaded and abusing himself continuously.

Paragliding Guy,  News Channel ,  internet sensation, Land Kara De, Vipin , paragliding experience

At first from the beginning of the video, he was showing the sky and beautiful cloud around him and says ‘aasmaan ki unchaaiyon mein’ and gradually he starts screaming and calling his mother and cursing himself with ‘main madarch*d hoon jo yahaan aaya’.

Vipin Sahu became an overnight internet sensation with his caption ‘Land Kara De’ paragliding video. Vipin revealed his paragliding experience during an interview with a renowned news channel, he said, My excitement was at the peak till the time we were in the air it felt good, but when we’re coming down that was a different experience which is visible in the video.

Sahu said, my younger brother is the one behind making me viral overnight. I didn’t want anyone to watch that video ever but my brother uploaded it on his youtube channel without even asking me.



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Don’t Try to disturb Nature…….. #paragliding😍 #manali #kullu #riderkifati

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Sahu a tile shop owner further said I felt good after reading the messages of the netizens, that they had a good laugh after watching the video. A woman messaged him that she was having a fight with her husband, but after watching the video both laughed out loud after a long time.


The Paragliding guy said, the video was from his Manali trip in July this year and he couldn’t make himself seat properly in the harness that’s why he panicked the most and wanted to land. The glider also panicked cause he was shouting.

Vipin shared his next big desire, that after paragliding, now he wants to do skydiving!

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