Video: These Are All The People Who Have Already Smashed Their iPhone X

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The iPhone X has been out for the best part of a few hours now, and naturally, people are going a bit nuts over it. I mean, why wouldn’t you be going crazy for it? It can make calls, there’s a calculator and there’s a spirit level.

On top of that, the screen goes all the way to the edge, something that Samsung and others have had for a while now, and you can unlock it with your face, something that Windows computers have offered for one or two years at least.

But hey, there’s an Apple on the back of it and it looks pretty.


There’s been immediate controversy over its release though, with it costing an extortionate $999 in the US, but costing an even more extortionate £999 in the UK. And as you all know, $999 is like twelve English pounds so they’ve really f*cked us over with that non-existent exchange rate.

With that kind of money being thrown away, you’d have thought that it would at the very least be indestructible, but no, it’s essentially made of glass. You know when you’re using hyperbole to explain something or someone being fragile, you say they’re made of glass, right. For example “Abou Diaby’s basically made of glass lol”. Apple ignored this and went for it. It’s not very strong…


Nonetheless, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, the man who’s seen Apple do nothing particularly good since the passing of Steve Jobs, has said the iPhone X will “set the path for technology for the next decade“. You know, milking the customers for everything they’ve got and then grabbing them by the ankles and shaking them to see what comes out of their pockets in the likely case that the thing they bought dies.

I say all of this, I’ll probably get one eventually.

And I’m not alone in being an idiot since far too many people have been camping outside Apple shops for days to get their hands on the Xbox. No, that’s not right…

Rather hilariously though, people have been accidentally breaking theirs!

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And that’s not the worst of it. Since there’s a new fancy screen, repairs won’t cost the standard £40 or so, no, they’ll set you back £286.44. But guess what, that’s not it.

iPhone X, spirit, technology, Xbox, idiot, repairs, screen , Samsung ,nuts


If you want the screen and the mic/speaker fixed (which could happen since they’re all so close together), you can expect to pay somewhere in the realms of £419!!!


iPhone X, spirit, technology, Xbox, idiot, repairs, screen , Samsung ,nuts

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