Nowadays Photoshop is not only a program for professional designers but it’s also a tool that ordinary people can use to demonstrate the depths of their imagination and creativity And more often than not, in the hands of non-professional users, the program helps create such funny things that it’s almost impossible to control your laugh when you see this funny creativity.

We offer you to take a look at this list of really funny pictures from the internet.

When you have a stressful job and want to relax once in a while:




This dog can have all kinds of fun:



When Disney and family photos combine:


When you forget to put on sunscreen:




“This is SPARTA!”


“I did my best to Photoshop a plastiс Godzilla figurine into photos while traveling.”



“This is probably my favorite superhero.”



“I tried to Photoshop one of my dad’s terrible golf swings.”



Anne Hathaway?


“Can you make the Hollywood sign a little bigger? Done.”



This is what the fridge of a champion should look like:



“I’ve always known that cats want to rule the world.”



So, this is what the beak is hiding…



This guy needs some friends:



Mr. Bean will make any photo funny!



This is what infinity looks like:



Admit it, you’ve done this too!



“Guy teaches his nephew Photoshop and you’ll never believe what happens next!”