15 People Managed to Capture the Moment of the Inner Perfectionist’s Jubilation


There are times in life when life provides us with examples of flawless perfection that make us sigh with delight. Organizing your luggage with Tetris-like precision, a photograph that fits the frame like two jigsaw puzzle pieces, or a slice of cheese that seems like it was intended for the piece of bread on your plate. Yes, these kinds of moments may keep perfectionists going all day.

To satisfy your (and our) desire for perfection, we scoured the internet for 15 photos that scream “perfect fit.” So, what do you have to lose? Get your hands dirty.

My omelette du Fromage landed on my plate by accident.

© Ectoplasmorphe / reddit

My stroopwaffle wouldn’t fit atop my coffee if it were any smaller, but if it were any larger, it wouldn’t heat evenly.

© CjJcPro / reddit

Years of Tetris play pay off.

© Mr_PoodlePants / reddit

Exactly the right quantity of coke

© UnevenGlitch / reddit

On my new TV stand, I have my Wii.

© stuffandahalf / reddit

This cheese was created specifically for this piece of bread.

© mbosman29 / reddit

My friend recently purchased a home and was concerned that his sectional would not fit in the new living room…

© drums2191 / reddit

My 5-year-old helped me replenish the toilet paper drawer. I’ve never attempted to fit this many people in before. I require some, but I do not wish to remove one.

© kmo11 / reddit

Wrapping paper alignment.

© mokoshakalaka / reddit

This photo of the sun was taken by my father.

© SMELLY__SOCKS / reddit

The manner in which this leaf landed in the sewer.

© yoshi-marnef / reddit

This pizza was baked by my mother.

© AngryMussel7713 / reddit

This tomato slice is the perfect size for tucking into the onion.

© 0ctopuppy / reddit

Cheech and Chong would be pleased with this.

© MasterofmydomainWSB / reddit

Perfectly aligned.

© Mayyonnaisse / reddit

Which of these photographs quenched your need for perfection the most?

Preview photo credit Mayyonnaisse / reddit