15 People Show How Difficult It Is To Pay Off Student Loans In America


These are terrifying images that remind us that we are indeed living in a dystopia. However, people have grown so accustomed to seeing the student loan debt never decrease that the world has steadily devolved into a dull dystopia. A world in which the richest ten percent of the population live carefree lives while the remainder of the population works a 9-5 job to make ends meet.

A student debt is a snare designed to bind the limbs of a future working adult to the system. So many people share their bizarre tales of how they were involved in car accidents and other heinous acts that resulted in them being able to pay off their school loans.

It’s terrifying, but here we are. Living in a dull dystopia.

“Getting into a car accident to pay off student debt.”




“Imagine having to repay your mother’s school loan debt in any circumstance.”


“Student loan statement from my brother-in-law.” He hasn’t attended college in 8 years. “How are you going to get out of this?”


“Want to stay out of debt?” Easy! “We’re going to war!”


“It’s been a year since I’ve made a student loan payment.”


“To save money on food and pay off student debt, a man risks developing diabetic complications.”


“Cut your hands off to pay off your education loans!”


“I bring to you a profit calculation on student loans from a large credit card business for our non-American friends who are unlikely to see this targeted marketing.”


“Money gurus explain how to pay off college loans.”


“Yes, donate your eggs to pay off your student loans!”


The loan company is a rip-off.


“I came across one in the woods. Even the highest-paid professions are difficult because of student loans.”


“I, too, like paying down half of my college debt. Alternatively, be able to find a place to reside for another three months.”