10 People With The Strangest Style Sense So That No One Could Copy Them


We all have our sense of style and just say some are more creative in making their own style statement and then there are people who make just weird kind of fashion that nobody else would want to copy them. We always see fashion statement who either make us stop us in our track or they make us wonder why they even try it or even introduced this weird kind of fashion to us. Here are some people who have the strangest kind of fashion sense so that no one would copy them.

French Beard?

We have seen French beard and we have also seen french toast which is also like grilled cheese on the toast but this french beard is seriously giving others competition.

Clock On walk

This is somewhat easy for you even if you don’t fancy your wristwatch so they introduced bag watch that can not only show you time but also others so now you don’t have to look for town clock when you have bag clock.


Ripped It Royally

Back in the 80s or 90s, they introduced jeans and soon the trend becomes a rage with the people and people tried to bring the various thing into fashion and now that jeans are been ripped and is so called ripped jeans.


Fancy Bottle

Fancy things are more acceptable in society but if you trying to show off that you drink water, not from any substance water bottle but from a much-decorated water bottle that will really break your thirst.


I Think I Saw 3 Eggs In His Head

And what in the world he thought of coming there dressed like that and thought that no one would notice this kind of absurd and his weird acts like putting eggs on his head.

So Much For A Stocking Socks

We are like the wind we always go with the flow and we always go with the trend but this woman thought of inventing new trend that may be useful for your DIY process, it seems it backfired.

Printed Yet Transparent

People sometimes have blind eye problem like from afar they can’t put together what others are doing until they focus on the part or some movement and if somewhere wore this kind of leggings then its just you who is inviting trouble because people don’t like it when they see disturbing things in their surroundings yet alone your transparent clothing.

Eyebrows That Can Fly

We have seen many trends like makeup challenge, nails and eyebrows or hair there are numerous kinds of trends that are surrounding the internet but this flying eyebrow is eye-catching yet strange and we are not considering this trend.

Ruined The Bottle

Well, this is weird and but sometimes some people like this strange kind of things like putting any stuff inside their water bottle or replacing water with their food and we are not particularly excepting noodles on a water bottle.

Nice Method But In A Wrong Way

If you are so pissed with your hair to let down on the back side you should have tried cutting it but this girl thought of ripping her jacket rather than allowing to sway to her back.

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