People Trolling Arnab Goswami For Hosting A #ChinaGetOut Debate Sponsored by VIVO & MI


Whether you like him or not, Arnab Goswami hosts one of Indian television’s most-watched debate shows, and last night’s subject was all about boycotting Chinese goods and, in general, against the country ‘s recent border actions.

Although the debate soothes the anti-China feeling that has been going on ever since tensions took place at the border; Goswami ‘s show was probably the most ironic display we’ve seen on Indian TV yet.

At some point during the debate, two brand sponsorships appeared amongst the flashy headlines. While Goswami was debating or rather shouting his opinion, we suddenly see VIVO and Xiaomi placing advertisements.

These firms are some of the largest Chinese multinationals, but the irony here was that a discussion was supposed to concentrate on boycotting Chinese goods in India; was funded by two of the world’s largest Chinese corporations.

The irony was spotted by Twitter user Nirmala Tai where, during the debate, she highlighted two instances where one of the brands’ logo popped up and one where Xiaomi was found to promote the Mi 10.

Many Twitter users who have spotted the promotion spots and determined that it was quite “hypocritical” for the channel to show advertisements that essentially go against the main topic of the debate; the hashtag “Powered by Vivo” is now trending with users expressing their disappointment.

At a time when anti-China sentiment is high in the world, users are calling the channel to accept sponsorship deals from Chinese brands.

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Discussions around boycotting Chinese goods will continue until tensions with China subside. Whereas, to become independent of Chinese manufacturing India needs to invest in proper raw materials and infrastructure.