10 People With Weird Very Names Who Had To Majorly Suffer For Their Entire Life

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Do you like your name? well, some people have such a weird name that they have to regret it for the rest of their life and you will not dare to say no in front of these people that are a part of this list. They had to carry the brunt of having the weirdest name for almost their entire lifetime. This is funny, trust me.

Have a look and try not to laugh at these names! 

Batman Bin Suparman

Yes, we are not kidding, this is an actual name. Look at this ID card and you’ll know how serious we are here! This looks absolutely hilarious! I can only imagine the situation of this kid!

F. You

If this isn’t funny, I don’t what is! I literally don’t know anyone in the world with this weird a name! Wow!

Donald Duck

Can you imagine any parent naming their kid Donald Duck? This kid was a born cartoon. Sadly, doesn’t look like one! Why do all Donalds look weird?

Jesus Condom

To all the Christians out there, please don’t get offended. This is an actual name of an actual boy. Not our fault!

P. Ennis

Okay then! I am so glad this guy wasn’t in my school. Because if he was a part of my school, He’d be slaughtered like no one’s business! I am sure people in his school didn’t spare him either!