19 People Who Found a Portal to a Parallel Universe on Their Ordinary Day


Despite the fact that the existence of parallel dimensions has yet to be confirmed, some people do discover portals into alternate realities when they least expect it, and it might happen to all of us. For example, in a recent picture, you can find that your cat and its reflection are behaving differently. When you look at your watch to see what time it is, you might notice a gateway to another world. Taking a closer look at your everyday surroundings will often reveal the magic is all around you.

1. It seems that the world’s graphics have been reduced to a bare minimum.

© DoublePlusGoodGames / Reddit

2. “I’ve had this shirt for two years and have always been perplexed as to why the sleeves are black. Then, at my college, I met this guy.”

© CXV_ / Reddit

3. A one-in-a-million coincidence

© KingCaptHappy-LotPP / Reddit

4.“This window blocks the same wavelength of light reflected by my gloves.”

© lekerr / Imgur

5. The pillars in this mosque are placed in such a way that the picture appears to be tainted.

© jatadharius / Reddit

6. “Instead of the watch, the camera centred on the tree’s reflection.”

© GiveMeYourGuitar / Reddit

7. “Today I took a picture of my cat in the mirror. She’s blinking for some reason, though her reflection’s eyes are wide open.”

© mmiu / Reddit

8. When a camera malfunction transforms your life into a video game:

© SwyperTheFox / Reddit

9. A alternate universe exists where all cats are black.

© TELME3 / Reddit

10. This tree appears to have arrived in our world from a low-resolution video game.

© PrizeFighter23 / Reddit

11. “The light from my phone made my fiancé’s legs appear to be animated or photoshopped.”

© kingpharmacy / Reddit

12. This car “disappears” at the right angle.

© StR33tL1GhT / Reddit

13. “At the art museum, my friend discovered his 1572 doppelgänger.”

© SquirrelMaster / Imgur

14. This sky reflection on a building makes it almost unnoticeable.

© TG– / Reddit

15. When all of a sudden the textures duplicate:

© AxelSonic / Reddit

16. “I took a selfie by accident, and this is the result.”

© YNWA6969 / Reddit

17. The vents are positioned in such a way that it appears that the mirror is lying.

© fitzdrizzle / Reddit

18. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V

© bricecrispy899 / Reddit

19. “These mugs have crossed over into the fourth dimension.”

© anguskeenan001 / Reddit

Which of these images did you find to be the most otherworldly? Have you recently seen something equally extraordinary? Please leave your thoughts and findings in the comments section!

Preview photo credit CXV_ / Reddit