Photographer captures The Lovely Bondings between Dads and their Kids

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Everyone loves their parents and show their love towards their mom a lot but less towards their dad. So To pay a homage to all the dads out there in the world, a very famous photographer Giedre Gomes creates a project in which she focusses the lens on the relationship or loves of daddies with their kids. They are all different and beautiful in their own ways, from the way they spend their time with their kids and up to what extent they would go to make their kids happy.

It seems that this project is a sweet one as it shows us the love and care of an aged man in front of his children. The bonds they share which they will cherish forever. The pictures are very simple yet it carries a lot of meanings through and through.

Join us further to witness the love between a father and his child.

1. Working out alongside daddy from a very young age.

What a dedicated father to look up to.

2. I mean, taking a leak with the boys, that’s another level of bonding in the journey of manhood.

Don’t they just look adorable?


3. Looks like the babysitting game is switched here.

And the boys are so calmly sitting there.

4. It’s pizza time for the boys and we are so jealous.

Their faces are evident enough to prove that they are really enjoying.


5. Awwww, a bubble bath with the adorable babies.

Don’t you just wanna dive into the bath-tub?


6. When she wants to paint your nails, you just gotta let her do it.

These two daddies are such a good sport.


7. It’s Uno hour in the house, they are all over the place.

All of them doing their own thing in their own seat.


8. The level of cuteness in this picture, I can’t.

Potty time along with some videos to keep them company.


9. Okay, I think we have a show stopper here.

The blue eyeshadow is totally tying it all up.


10. That moment when the daughter catches her first fish alongside her daddy.

This is a very good picture.


11. The first swim together, it looks so much fun.

Learning something new with a parent is always exciting.


12. He can’t say no to his games but also has to babysit.

They are the cutest duo ever.


13. And I think we have a winner of all the pictures.

I like the black and white filter off it.


14. Basketball practice with daddy in the evenings.

A game with a parent is always a fun thing to do.

(Credit: Giedre Gomes)