I guess you must have seen this spoof video by now of three girls who were seen doing something rubbish moves. The song Isme Tera Ghata Mera Kuch Ni Jata which was released on 18th May 2018, by Gajendra Verma has got more than 100 million views on YouTube till now. And This has happened because of a spoof video by four girls on musical.ly which is breaking the internet. The original song didn’t get insane hype until the four girls showcased some raunchy moves in a musical.ly video. Many have found the video humorous, while others have bashed girls for the vulgarity of the content. After these people are searching for Isme Tera Ghata Mera Kuch Ni Jata girl name and we have done the research work for you. Her name is Onaiza Rana and she resides in Dubai.

If you haven’t watched the viral video, watch it below:


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We have brought you pictures of Isme Tera Ghata Mera Kuch Ni Jata girl who went super viral after her musical.ly video: