25 Photos That Prove South Korea Is A Whole Different World From Ours


Are you planning a trip to South Korea? If you answered yes, this post is for you! South Korea is becoming a more appealing tourism destination for people from around the world. The country is rich in history, culture, delectable cuisine, breathtaking landscape, and cutting-edge technology like solar-powered seats with USB and wireless charging.

It is undoubtedly a place where you can find almost everything else. South Korea seemed to have it all, from magnificent scenery to beautiful wildlife. What’s more, guess what? The people that live there are friendly and upbeat. It’s a one-of-a-kind county with a lot to offer, and with such a reputation, anyone would fall in love with them. It can be strange.

In Seoul, there is a cat crossing sign. Caution: There’s a Cat in the Area.

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Used coffee grounds are available for gardening at Starbucks in Seoul.

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We went to this 2D café in Seoul.

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That’s one way to persuade people to take the stairs.

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Here’s a Root Bench for you. In Hangang Art Park, it’s a Publication Installation by Architect Young Ju Lee.

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This Beautiful Pine Tree Covered In Snow Was Previously Posted, Now It Is Uncovered, Daedunsan, South Korea.

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I just got this delivered to my door! (Lol, it’s my last night of quarantine.)

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This Seoul Subway Car Has A Mini Library.

YamhillScrub, Thejustjames -Via

After this year’s numerous typhoons and landslides in South Korea, I’m glad to see my favourite tree still standing strong.

NathanielMerz -Via

Korean KTX trains broadcast “healing broadcasts” in which newborn puppies are shown rolling around for five minutes.

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“As South Korea’s birthrate falls, rural schools are closing. Daegu Elementary In Gangjin Has Enrolled Older Villagers And Grandmothers Like Wol-Geum Who Have Dreamed Of Learning To Read To Save Itself From Closing.”

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In Jeju City, Jeju Island, South Korea, there was a pink explosion.

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In Korea, this hand-painted underside of a roof.

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Built on the Foundations of Historic Korea (Seoul).

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Korea Is So Beautiful.

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I’m currently in Korea, and there appears to be a television channel dedicated to dogs…as in programming FOR dogs.

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At the beach entrance, a special waterproof body temperature sticker is given.

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On the back of your boarding pass, you’ll find a map to your gate in Seoul’s airports.

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Then there was a small grove inside the city that was all lit up. That is all there is to it.

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