10 Photos That Show Celebrities Way Before They Were Famous

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Michelle Obama has a sweet yearbook shot, Channing Tatum dated a friend of a random woman, and Gal Gadot served in the army once! Before they were popular, these “pure” parts of the lives of celebrities never failed to intrigue us.

1. A girl found out that her boyfriend’s mom was really cool and dated Channing Tatum in high school.

2. Steven Jobs in 1976 at the age of 21 before Apple became a billion-dollar company

3. A user from Twitter shared that her mom had dated Blake Shelton a long time ago and her aunt had dated his bass player.

4. Ben Affleck decided to “help” Matt Damon who isn’t on Instagram by publishing his old pictures.



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I know this is a day late, but Matt isn’t on Instagram so thought I’d help him out. #OldHeadshotDay

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5. A Reddit user shared a pic showing that his uncle was friends with Tupac Shakur.