10 Photos Where the Angle Plays a Major Role


There are some photos that can literally make your brain wiggle and crack. We’re talking about the ones where the angle and perspective join together and create brain teasers that might take you a couple of minutes (or even hours) to understand what’s happening in them. An invisible straw, levitating dogs and people, and missing arms are only a part of today’s collection.

1. Can you figure out what’s happening here?


2. Wait! Whose arm is that?


3. A baby and her fully developed left hand


4. Looks like the bridge is collapsing into the water…


5. “It sort of looks like I’m levitating.”


6. These burnout marks look 3D.


7. It looks like he isn’t sitting on a stool.


8. “Just feeding the horses!”


9. What a big hand!

10. “My dog seemed to float in her sleep.”