Pic Shows Migrant Workers Walking Home With Pets, Twitter Lauds Their Compassion


The shutdown of the coronavirus has been challenging for everyone. And while some people (as well as homeless animals) are using this opportunity to support the environment, others are dumping their pets.

According to HuffPost, migrant workers were seen walking with their pets along the Nasik Highway on May 3, towards their native places – a puppy and a duck that acted as a silver lining in the midst of the pet abandonment crisis.

Hindustan Times cited animal rescuers from Mumbai as saying,

“We hope that people will learn from those migrants and stop trying to dump their animals. Already the shelters are overloaded. The number of calls they receive on a regular basis is disturbing. This picture will serve as an eye-opener. The migrant workers are informed better than so many of us.

Desi Twitter praised the migrants’ great-heartedness and loyalty to their livestock.