15+ Pics of Kids Whose Parents Don’t Know Whether to Laugh or Cry


Children ask 73 questions every day on average. Unfortunately, there is no data on how many times a child makes their parents facepalm in a given day, but we’d think it’s a lot!

We’re starting to get a headache.

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“My daughter mistook this for her.” My son is in the background, which is a plus.”

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“While his real dog stays outside, furious, my son feeds his phoney dog goldfish.”

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“One straw was not enough for my daughter…”

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He does, after all, have a point.

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“My iPod has been disabled for 45 years by my children.”

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“At 3 a.m., I saw my son watching cartoons. He didn’t expect to be apprehended.”

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“This was my son’s sleeping position. He could be invincible.”

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“Just now, my son made a terrible messe.” This is his ‘just give me a minute to explain’ expression.”

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“Multitasking is second nature to my 6-year-old daughter.”

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“I treated my daughter to a delicious meal…”

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“My son, after attempting to return to his feet after washing his hands. “I’m just dangling…helpless…”

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“I found my daughter while playing hide & seek with my kids.”

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“With chalk, my 2-year-old daughter sketched a cushion, then lay down for a nap…”

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“Went to see a Van Gogh exhibit with my daughter.”

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My daughter creates beds in the most inconvenient places. She was found sleeping in a Costco tote/container.


My kid has been dressing herself and watching her older brother board the bus.

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“My daughter appears to have just annihilated an entire Sith army.”

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For their school play, these students were asked to dress up as elves. One of the children dressed up like Elvis Presley.

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Which of these kids made you the most giddy? Also, if you have any photos of your kids that depict this sentiment, please share them with us in the comments section below!

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