Photographs are the best and the only time machine we have got. Whenever we look at any photograph, we feel a recollection of memories. We miss the times that have passed. We come across many photographs that make us smile and laugh everytime we see them.  Even after years and decades, we realize that our love has not changed at all.

Many people come up with the idea of recreating the old photographs and the process of recreating old photographs is apparently very fun. The funniest thing we notice in pictures is that through our appearance changes, but there are still many things which do not change with time and when we look at the pictures we realize how easily we can move back to our past and remember and see that we still feel the same way even today.

Here are 20 pictures which prove that though time may change, love does not!

1. Father and son posing together after 60 years.

2. Love for pyjamas.

3. This picture clicked after 23 years.

4. Childhood love that lasts forever.

5. Time does not matter when you have food with you.

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