5 Pieces of Home Fitness Equipment That May Do More Harm Than Good


Home exercise equipment can be dangerous not just to individuals who use it, but also to little children who treat it like a toy. The most prevalent reason for accidents at home among adults is because they do not examine their equipment first. They simply assume that everything is in good working order and ready to use. However, keep in mind that you are not at a gym where everything has been thoroughly checked out before you come.

1. Varicose veins can be aggravated by foam rolls.

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Using a foam roller on your legs can help your muscles heal faster by increasing blood flow, improving flexibility, and increasing flexibility. If you have varicose veins, though, the increased blood flow isn’t always a good thing. The pressure given to them may aggravate the pain and discomfort rather than alleviate it, causing the veins to swell. By doing so, you are not addressing the root of the problem, but rather exacerbate it.

Instead, ride your bicycle as much as possible to increase blood flow in a healthy way. It increases circulation and protects your joints from injury in the same way that walking does. Your calf muscles will become stronger as well.

2. Exercise band tears can result in broken ribs.

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In one particularly tragic case, a man was completing his exercise with a band fastened to a door when it unexpectedly shattered. Several ribs and a few bones near his right eye were broken as the man fell backward and sideways. While he’s had two operations since the accident, doctors aren’t sure if he’ll be able to entirely recover his vision. This is only one example of how workout bands can cause serious injury if they aren’t properly maintained and attached.

Instead, you may invest in some sliders or gliders that will engage all of your body’s muscles. They provide too much instability and require the participation of all of your muscles in order to complete all of the workouts. They can make your workouts really intense, and you won’t have to worry about them breaking or falling. They’re great for weightlifters since they work your muscles without requiring you to raise any weights.

3. Balance boards can injure your ankles.

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This simple piece of equipment is used to help people improve their balance as well as for rehabilitation and injury prevention. However, depending on the strength of your ankles, they can cause damage. If you’ve previously hurt your ankles, for example, your chances of falling off the board are considerable. So, before you get on your board, seek the advice of a competent trainer or physical therapist.

A fitness ball is a similar and safer instrument for improving your balance. The “bird dog” exercise, for an instance, uses a balance board to target your hips, legs, lower back, and waist. You should lie on your stomach on the ball and keep your core straight. Then, while attempting not to move, lift the opposing leg and arm.

4. Pull-up bars can lead to a sloppy landing.

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Many houses can’t support a pull-up bar, either because they’re old or because they’re not built sturdy enough. Many people have had their bars fall on them, causing minor or major injuries. After performing a difficult exercise and the bar collapsing, one woman was rendered disabled. Another time, the screws on a bar bent, causing a guy to fall flat on his face and injure himself.

Wrapping a towel over the handles of a door is a safer but equally effective practice. To keep yourself in place, place a mat under the door and check that the door hinges are robust enough. Squatting down in a half-seated position while extending your arms is a good place to start your pull-ins. After that, you draw your body toward the door frame and repeat the process.

5. Bent-over rows can cause spinal disc displacement.

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Rows are a popular workout, but when done on a bench or other comparable surface, they can result in serious injury. More specifically, if a nerve is struck during the workout, a spinal disc can be dislocated. Another disadvantage is that doing the rows can cause your posture to deteriorate since your shoulders roll forward.

As an alternative to kneeling on a bench, you can stand while leaning forward and keeping one hand on the bench. Hold your chosen weight in your other hand and begin pulling with your elbow, reaching toward your back. Allow your arm to slowly return to its original position to avoid injury from the pressure.

Have you ever been hurt when exercising at home? If that’s the case, what caused the damage?

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