10 Places to Hide Your Valuables That Will Fool Any Thief


It can be very handy to have cash around the house at times. But the question is where to keep it, so thieves can’t find it if something happens. The same principle applies to accessories and extra cards not used on a daily basis. You already have your favorite hiding places already, but are they as safe as you want them to be?

1. For a long-term solution, a spiky potted plant is a great idea.

2. Inside a plastic bag, put your jewelry and cover it in a liquid or cream container.

3. A juicer has plenty of room for a precious thing. Until making tea, just don’t forget to take it out.

4. Bring in a tub of shampoo or hair conditioner your valuables. When you’re on holiday, it may also be a good idea.

5. The good option is a toolbox with plenty of materials.