16 Practical Life Hacks that’ll Make You Feel Smarter than Anyone

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Some lifehacks exist just so that you can make your life a little bit better than it is at the moment. However, the internet is filled with tonnes of that. So for you to decide which ones to actually take into use can be tough.

The hacks in this compilation are what you live for. Not only will they make your life a tad bit easier, but you will also feel smarter than you were yesterday. Without further ado, let’s get going with this and see what we have in store for you.

1. You are travelling and are worried your spray bottle will spill? Use a shirt or a towel to lock the liver.


2. We all have at least once stumbled upon extra long shoelaces. Next time, you tie them, get a bit creative.

3. Forgetting lunch again and again?

Put your house keys where your lunch is so that you never forget them again.


4. If your shoes make too much noise, add some floor protector to the bottoms.

It will also help you avoid any possible slips.


5. Keep your bag of stained clothes separately so as to make sure they don’t spoil other clothes.