Prakash Raj’s Second Wife Is Cricketer Sreesanth’s Sister, She Is Half His Age


There are many talented artists in the film industry who have not only made their mark in Bollywood but have also showcased their brilliant acting skills in films of other languages. Some of these actors, including Prakash Raj, have been praised continuously for their exceptional performances by audiences from all walks of life.

Pony Verma

Prakash Raj is a well-known actor who has not only shone in hundreds of Bollywood movies but is also a renowned artist in South Indian films. However, he is currently in the news not for any of his movies, but for his personal life. Recently, he has been seen spending time with his second wife, Pony, and people cannot stop raving about her after seeing her with Prakash Raj.

Prakash Raj did second marriage with Pony Verma in 2010

Prakash Raj’s Wife Pony Verma

Prakash Raj is one of those selected artists who has had more than one marriage. In fact, this actor had his first marriage with Lalita in 1994, but his wife passed away in 2009, after which Pony Verma came into Prakash Raj’s life.

Prakash Raj’s Wife

When people saw the pair of Prakash Raj and Pony Verma in 2010, everyone seemed to say that Prakash Raj had really thought carefully and made Pony Verma his second wife because her beauty is such that everyone becomes crazy as soon as they see her. Let me tell you how these days, once again, Pony Verma’s beautiful gestures are making people crazy and everyone is not tired of praising her.

The charming style of Pony Verma made everyone crazy

Poonam Varmar, the second wife of veteran Bollywood actor Prakash Raj, has become the talk of the town these days. Despite being married to Prakash Raj for 13 years, Poonam Varmar’s beautiful demeanour has not diminished in the slightest, and everyone who sees her says that it must be her beauty that made Prakash Raj fall for her.

Like Prakash Raj, Poonam Varmar is also a well-known actress, and the two have acted together in several films. Seeing Poonam Varmar’s pictures on social media, everyone is saying that Prakash Raj is fortunate to have such a beautiful wife even in his old age. Poonam Varmar looks as young as Prakash Raj’s daughter, and that’s why people are making fun of their relationship.