7 Times Princess Diana Broke Royal Parenting Rules


In British royalty, the late Princess Diana is most famous for being a rebellious yet inspiring figure. Word has it that more royal codes are violated by her than we can count on both hands. But here we are still patronizing her and using her as a maternal example, decades after her death.

1. She gave birth in a hospital.

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Princess Diana is the first to break the custom of home births in royal history. Instead of giving birth for royal purposes, at St. Mary’s Hospital in London, the princess gave birth to Prince William. Princess Diana decided not to take any pain relief during labour and birth while giving birth to her second son, Prince Harry.

2. She prioritized her children over her duties.

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Princess Diana was said to “love nothing more than being a mother.” Her late father, John Spencer, recalled in an interview that she had always loved babies and small children from an early age. The princess always made sure to be there for her kids and put them first, above all else, unlike other royals who concentrated on their duties and jobs.

3. She sent her sons to a school.

Princess Diana sacrificed to send her sons to public school as another first in the line of British royals. The first heir to the royal throne who did not obtain a private education at home was Prince William.

4. She brought the boys along on official trips.

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Princess Diana set the pattern when she took Prince William, 9 months old, to Australia and New Zealand for a tour. It was prevalent for royal children to be left at home prior to this event while their parents traveled for official business. To this day, her children, Prince William, and Prince Harry are still on official tours and trips with their children.

5. She spoke to children at eye-level.

Not only did Princess Diana illustrate it with her overwhelming love for children, but she made them believe it. One of her common habits was to crouch down to be with the kids she talked to at eye-level, not just her own children, but with others, she visited as well. This was the first that was seen among the royals, and with the same tradition, her children now pay it forward.

6. She exposed the princes to ordinary life.

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While Princess Diana was born into royal aristocracy and married royalty, in the end, she wanted the lives of her children to be as ordinary as possible. The Princess did everything she could, according to some of the royal staff, to encourage her sons to experience regular things like going to the movies, waiting in line for McDonald’s, going to amusement parks, and jumping in their pajamas on the bed with her.

7. She remained a hands-on mother above all else.

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Princess Diana is the epitome of the modern hands-on mother, from breastfeeding her children at birth to taking them along on trips and changing her schedule according to those of her sons. “Simply, one of her famous quotes goes, “Don’t call me an icon. I’m just a mom trying to support her.

Do you think these violations of the protocol are justified? Does the princess have a trait that encourages you to become a better person or parent?