Pune betting racket seized as Indian Premier League keeps on attracting the bookies


The Indian Premier League is up and running for the 10 time in as many years and the bookies are at work again and in full flow. No matter how much one tries to stop such activities there will always be people indulging in such activities.

One betting racket was seized in Pune on Sunday. A team of bookies was in full flow and they were caught red-handed as they were busy making calls counting money in a farmhouse near the Pune-Bangalore highway.

The bookies were busy betting on a thriller of a match between Mumbai Indians and the Kolkata Knight Riders. The accused are named as Kantibhai Kakkad, Vijay Taware, Sanjay Shah and Dattatraya Jagtap. These four people were at a farmhouse where the police have seized all the material they were using including the TV.

Kantibhai Kakkad is from Gujarat and was staying near the farmhouse in a locality called Dhanakawadi. The farmhouse is owned by Vijay Taware who hails from Pune itself along with Dattatraya Jagtap. Sanjay Shah is from Gujarat but is the resident of Pune. This information was provided by the police to Pune Mirror.


Sub-Inspector Uttam Budge said that they were transferring the money to different bank accounts as they were going to pocket 20% of the money. The sub-inspector told Pune Mirror, “The money was being transferred to various bank accounts. These bookies were supposed to get 20 percent of the amount collected. After the betting, they had plans to meet other people at an unknown destination where they were going to collect money from those people.”

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The police got the information about the racket and they were quick to react to it. Budget revealed that when they caught the accused they were making calls from their phones. He said, “We got a tip-off that a gang of bookies was betting on an IPL match near Jambhulwadi. Based on the information, we raided the farmhouse and caught these four accused red-handed while they were contacting various people on the phone and betting.”

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HE also revealed how these people came together. “Kakkad hails from Gujarat and came to Pune through Shah, who is also a bookie. Jagtap joined them through Taware, who owns the farm,” explained the police officer.



source: crictracker