Rahul Khanna Has The Perfect Reply To Janhvi Kapoor Admitting To Stalking Him On Instagram


One performer we were accustomed to seeing on the big screens in the 2000s is Bollywood actor Rahul Khanna.

While the actor occasionally works on a few select films, his social media presence is currently highly busy.

There are just too many people who find his entire profile quite alluring, be it, anyone, given that he is also an international model. Recently, Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor said that she was one of the persons who kept an eye on Rahul’s Instagram profile on Karan Johar’s Koffee With Karan.

Janhvi disclosed how she stalked Rahul’s profile during an interview with Sara Ali Khan on the second episode of Koffee With Karan.

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She commented of him, “I think he has a vibe. He is energised. I find him attractive.

Weeks later, it appears that the Roohi actress has finally received a response from Rahul Khanna.

Rahul described Janhvi as a “lovely and confident girl” and mentioned that he is acquainted with her father Boney Kapoor. Rahul also mentioned that he met Sridevi while she was on set with his father Vinod Khanna.

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Rahul Said while speaking with News 18.

“I haven’t actually seen the show but I was thoroughly updated by every one of Janhvi’s comments. It’s so sweet of her to say it. I don’t think I have met her but I know her father (Boney Kapoor) very well. I also met her mother (Sridevi) when she was shooting with my dad (Vinod Khanna) on a film set many years ago. I remember her being a classic introvert and I guess that is what connected me with her as I am an introvert too. I am sure wherever she is, she’d be very proud of Janhvi. What a sweet and confident girl she has turned out to be.”

Both Janhvi and Rahul’s parents Sridevi and Vinod starred in films like Zameen (1987), Patthar Ke Insaan (1990), Garajna, and Farishtay (1991) among many others.

Rahul was last seen in the 2019 Netflix series Leila.

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