Raj Kundra Reply To Trollers After Tweets, “Godfather of Indian P#rn Industry”


Raj Kundra is an Indian-British businessman who is well-known in the Indian public and media. When he started dating actress Shilpa Shetty and later wed her in 2009, he first came to the attention of the Indian media.


When they got married, speculation regarding Kundra’s identity was rife throughout the entire Bollywood. He was initially described as a businessman who was both British and Indian. Nevertheless, nothing was actually known about his location despite the fact that he was one of the richest businessmen in the world.

But Kundra seems to have avoided the spotlight ever since because of his relationship with a well-known movie star. To us, it seems quite normal for him to be in front of cameras and have a spotlight on his face.

raj Kundra mask

Since the Mumbai Police apprehended him in connection with a case concerning the manufacturing of pornographic content last year, he has been attempting to avoid cameras for the longest time. Since then, he has sought to avoid making public appearances in order to avoid drawing attention to himself.

He and his family received a tonne of trolling on social media as a result of this entire affair. While many people are making fun of him for what he did, others are just producing funny memes about him.

viaan Raj Kundra

But lately, he became irritated with these trolls. As a result, he poked fun at his trolls by tweeting a humorous question to them asking where they went missing. He posted on Twitter, saying:


“#trollers where are you all slowly vanishing please don’t leave me”

As a result of the tweet, which quickly gained attention, additional individuals started to ridicule him. One of the online users responded by dubbing him the “godfather of the p*rn business.” Additionally, the businessman had no inclination to interact with critics. He said in reaction to the tweet,

“Someone plz show this guy some love he helps people get blue ticks but is yet to get himself one #troller”

He attributed everything to media trials when a fellow internet user urged him not to cover his face if he hadn’t done anything illegal. He wrote in response to the netizen,

“I don’t hide my face from the public I don’t wish to give media access to me. Not too difficult to understand after the media trial I have been through. #RajAnswers”

He responded in a very subtle way when a netizen made fun of him by claiming that his wife was the reason he became “famous.” He tweeted:

“Infamous bhi #trollers”

Raj Kundra, Shilpa Shetty, and their families were seen together last night as they entered a movie theatre. While his actress wife and kids smiled and posed for pictures, he entered the building without stopping while wearing a mask over his face.

Q: why Raj Kundra wear mask?

A: It’s for defence. Raj’s new mask is more than just an eccentric accessory or topic of conversation. He said that he uses this new addition to his wardrobe to shield himself from the cameras and prying eyes of the media. I don’t use my mask with my friends and admirers.

Q: why Raj Kundra wear a mask Always?

A: Raj Kundra responded to a question on Twitter about when he will take his masks off by saying, “I don’t wear my mask for friends and supporters. In the future, the media will only see me wearing it.

Raj Kundra replied to a different internet user who asked the same question, “I am not wearing it for public merely don’t wish to give media a chance to click my face! The media trial they subjected me to has damaged me. The law applies to the media as well.

Q: Raj Kundra’s net worth

A: Raj Kundra’s net worth – INR 2800 Crore Net Worth