Rajat Kapoor Once Took an Insulting Dig at Sushant Singh, SSR Gave a Savage Reply


Sushant Singh Rajput ‘s sudden death on June 14, has reignited the Bollywood debate on nepotism and favouritism. Many say the actor wasn’t given his due in Bollywood as he didn’t come from a movie context.

Many old videos go viral which shows how some bigwigs in Bollywood ridiculed Sushant. Not just the ‘Bollywood elite club,’ Sushant had also faced criticism in the industry from many others.

Back in 2016, actor and filmmaker Rajat Kapoor in his movie MS Dhoni-The Untold Story ignoring his stupendous success in the flick had taken a dig at the late actor’s looks.

He tweeted, “Dhoni looks so much better than the actor portraying him …

His angry fans bashed Rajat even before Sushant could respond, asking him to keep his company in mind.

Sushant, however, gave a brilliant response by saying, “I slogged a little extra on my skills to make up for it. If you’re interested, pls should watch the movie sir:) # fact.

Afterwards, Rajat wrote to Sushant. “@itsSSR:)))) I think your film production is great .. And maan, it’s big to follow your fan!! Sushant, best wishes.

Sushant replied, “I don’t have many of them, they ‘re not my fans sir. They just like good movies:) Ps.- You have been very good at ‘Kapoor &sons’.”

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