5 Things To Know About Ritesh, Rakhi Sawant’s Mystery Husband


A few months back Drama queen Rakhi Sawant shocked everyone when she announced that she is going to marry Deepak Kalal and the most shocking that that also was when Deepak Kalal said they will celebrate honeymoon on live camera. After that, it was seen that they just did it to seek some media and fans attention.

Now, She is again making some headline and shocked everyone with her marriage news. She is saying she has married to a guy who is NRI. His name is Ritesh. She is posting many pictures of her but not a single picture of his husband.

She can be seen wearing sindoor and mehndi in a bridal outfit. She has posted many pics of her on her  Instagram handler.

So, here are some interesting facts that we found out about him. 

1. Ritesh, who is Rakhi Sawant husband, is an NRI who is currently based in the UK. 

2. She said Ritesh is her fan who first connected with her on WhatsApp. The two dated for a year-and-a-half fell in love and now finally got married. Sorry, Deepak. Rakhi further quoted, “He was my fan ever since he first saw my first interview with Prabhu Chawla. He Whatsapp me. Messaging and then talking to him, we became friends with time.”

She further added, “Then, in fact, he proposed if I would like to marry one of his friends. I turned it down politely. After knowing him, I prayed very hard to Jesus that I must become his wife. Woh khawish toh poori ho Gayi (That dream is now fulfilled). God has been kind to me so far.”

3. Rakhi Sawant also announced that Ritesh is an amazing man and he is a businessman who works for Donald Trump’s company in the UK.  

4. Rakhi told they started dating each other a long back but she met with Ritesh only 15 days before their wedding for the first time.

5. She further said in an interview that Ritesh is a very private person who doesn’t like media limelight. “Ritesh is a very private person and does not prefer talking to the media or being seen about much. He is a businessman and a wonderful, sorted man,” she said.

However, the couple is reportedly planning to have a baby in 2020 and according to her, people can see Ritesh when they have a pre-baby shoot.