Ram Gopal Varma Says ‘Indira Gandhi’s Acting Like Kangana Ranaut’, Actress Reacts


An emergency is Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming film in which she would portray Indira Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India. The first female prime minister’s life and the developments in her political career are the subjects of the movie.

Fans said Ranaut didn’t look like the political leader in the first look and teaser she provided for the movie.

The way she was able to mimic Gandhi’s demeanour and facial gestures seemed to impress her supporters. Now, a well-known director, Ram Gopal Varma, has confirmed that she is the appropriate actress for the part by posting an old Gandhi footage from 1984 and saying he believes she is acting very much like Ranaut in the video.

Using the hashtag #KanganaRanaut, RGV released a video of Indira Gandhi doing similarly on Twitter with the statement, “Believe it or not! See the 1984 Full Interview with Indira Gandhi. The official ITMB Shows YouTube channel has posted the interview. The PM is seen speaking to a journalist in the 38-year-old interview discussing elections and the nation’s future.

Watch the video here. 

The actress was informed of the director’s assessment and thanked him, expressing relief. Since her Twitter account is still blocked, she shared his tweet on her Instagram story with the caption “Ha ha.” I appreciate it, sir, as it gives me confidence as I play this part.

© Instagram/Kangana Ranaut

She not only plays the key character in the movie, but she also wrote, produced, and directed it. She is not the only star of the film; Anupam Kher also appears. He portrays Jayaprakash Narayan, a politician.

In a statement, he discussed Kangana’s perspective on his character and stated, “Kangana’s version of JP Narayan is fascinating. She thinks—and it’s also true—that JP Narayan is the movie’s hero, and not just because I play him. She treats the character with the hero’s care.

After Manikarnika, this is Kangana’s second movie directed by her. She is also a producer of the Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Avneet Kaur film Tiku Weds Sheru. Next year, it’s likely that an emergency will be issued.