Rapido Responds After Driver Sends Creepy Text To Woman, ‘Bhaiya Nahi Hoon’


The cab driving system is a crucial component of contemporary transportation since it gives those who need to travel both within and between cities a convenient and economical option. But the system is not without its difficulties.

The system of taxi driving includes the drivers who drive the cabs, which are often owned by a cab company. Then, they demand payment for their services after picking individuals up from various locations and taking them to their destination.

Like any other career, driving a cab has its share of challenges. Even though the majority of drivers are dependable and responsible, some have a history of unethical behaviour, which can lead to a variety of issues, particularly for female customers.

This disrespectful behaviour by taxi drivers and bike taxi aggregators against female customers has recently become a major topic of conversation after a Rapido driver sent an ugly text message to a woman after she disclosed her location over WhatsApp.

The entire unsettling interaction gained traction on Twitter and compelled a response from the business. Well, here is what transpired:

Female passenger shares creepy messages sent by the Rapido driver

The user husnpari posted a screenshot of the exchange on Twitter, and since then, the post has gained a lot of attention. The man claimed to have entered the room only after hearing her voice and seeing her display image, according to the woman who posted a picture of the exchange online.

He went on to add that he wouldn’t have come if it weren’t for the pickup. The commuter tweeted as follows:

“shared my location with a captain at @rapidobikeapp and this is what i get???? FUCK YOUR APP FUCK YOUR MEN FUCK MEN”

The message quickly gained traction, which sparked a wave of disparaging remarks about the Rapido company.

Rapido responds to the incident

Due to this, the company also reacted to the tweet, saying,

“Hi, it is extremely disappointing for us to learn about the captain’s lack of professionalism and we are apologetic about the same. (1/2)”

The company added,

“This matter will surely be actioned upon on a priority basis. Would you please share your registered mobile number and ride ID via DM? (2/2)”

The tweet is still receiving a lot of attention in spite of this. While many criticise the business, others criticise the driver’s lack of professionalism.

What is your opinion on this incident?