Rare Views That Show A Different Side Of Life


I just enjoy looking at my own life from various perspectives to get some insight. You know, when you crouch and look under the furniture in your bedroom, it sometimes looks like a whole new world filled by all the stuff you thought you’d lost. There are books written with that as the starting point, very sure, honestly.

The idea is, look where you usually don’t, and educate yourself on what’s out there, is worth it. Here’s to continue with some of the rarer views.

1. Drink it in.

Under the weight of some water, this spider’s web has bent, but not broken, showing the strength of the silk as well as the tightness of the web construction.

2. This is a map of the orbits of more than 18,000 objects in the solar system.

I don’t even want to know how much effort has gone into this map, assembled on her Tabletop Whale blog by Eleanor Lutz, but the result sure makes you feel tiny, isn’t it?

Yes, it’s even more incredible that you don’t think we’ve been washed out by a giant meteor with all the traffic out there?

3. Some smaller-scale astronomy.

In this case, an amateur astronomer used his telescope to project the Moon onto a sheet of paper.

When you think about it, it makes sense, telescopes are all about mirrors so it’s not out of the question to replicate the Moon. It is just a question of finding the right focal point.

4. The most tempting icicles.

Yet if you saw them, you wouldn’t want to eat those sap Heracles. Not all saps are like maple sap — some of them contain nasty toxins that can cause serious issues.

It’s best to stick with the things that you find in the shop. Now, looking frozen sap after pouring out of the tree is sweet.

5. Nature has served up a visual feast here.

Not only have students been able to get a good lesson in botanical anatomy, but it is also beautiful. God is a builder!

6. Often, white lights in street lamps don’t start as white.

Then, it starts out as both red and blue, merging to make white. You can say since the sign casts red and blue shadows.

7. You might never look at your morning cup the same.

This is the coffee’s entire lifecycle, from blossom to cherry to bean to cup. What a! What an operation! And all of this ends in something without which I know I could not exist.

8. Target just doesn’t look the same with the shelves removed.

Looks like a fun place for a while to ride around, maybe shop on roller skates or something, don’t you think so?

9. Now that’s dedication.

After long shifts under surgical masks, nurses fighting the coronavirus in Wuhan, China, posted pictures of their faces. The sores the masks leave look terrible behind — but still, better than the alternative.