Arhaan Khan withdrew money from Rashami Desai’s bank when she was stuck inside ‘Bigg Boss’ house?


If you guys followed ‘Bigg Boss 13 “latest season, you’d know what happened between Rashami Desai and Arhaan Khan. Now let’s help you refresh your mind, even if you haven’t. Rashami and Arhaan had been very similar inside the ‘Bigg Boss 13’ house before host Salman Khan revealed the skeleton in Arhaan’s wardrobe.

Salman told everyone that he was married to Arhaan and even has a child. This discovery led to Rashami breaking off from Arhaan altogether. Now the new buzz says Arhaan had withdrawn lakhs of rupees from Rashami’s account when she was still inside the house of ‘Bigg Boss 13.’

The story emerged when fans of Rashami on the microblogging platform began trending # FruadArhaanKhan. It all began with the fans of the actress posting a screenshot of her supposed bank statements suggesting that money had been withdrawn from Desai’s account and transferred to Khan’s account.

You should find out the actress’s fans’ tweets accusing Arhaan of being a fraudster.

Bloody looser fraud ramlaal @imArhaanKhan threating Rashami…. Shame in you u bloody tujhe Salman Khan jaisa superstar ne exposed National TV pr kia fir bhi tujhe sharam nhi aaya #FraudArhaanKhan

— Binti ♡ SidRa 💫 (@arohi_bintii) April 20, 2020

You should find out the actress’s fans’ tweets accusing Arhaan of being a fraudster.

Some fans have accused Arhaan of being the source of her depression and blackmailing Desai.

Now in case, you guys wonder the screenshots didn’t mention the name of Rashami or Arhaan, well apparently the real name of the actress is Shivani Ajay Kumar Desai while the original name of Arhaan is Mazer Sheikh. And you can see all of those titles in the screenshots above.

The validity of those alleged bank statements has not yet been verified, however. So all we can do now is wait straight out of the horse’s mouth to hear the truth. You guys stay tuned to this space for more interesting updates of this kind until then.