Raveena Tandon’s Hilarious Take On Kohinoor Diamond, And We Couldn’t Agree More


Several topics other than Queen Elizabeth II’s death have been trending on the internet since her passing. include stolen antiquities, the gory and slave-filled past of British colonial history, and British control over a number of independent countries.

Speaking of India—another former British colony—many Indians have argued on numerous social media platforms that the British should give the country back the Kohinoor diamond. Considering that they supposedly stole it from India before it gained independence.

On Tuesday, Bollywood star Raveena Tandon added her voice to the discussion by tweeting a clip from John Oliver’s show. He explained how Britain appropriates artefacts and other distinctive stuff from other countries and claims them as its own in the video.

For the uninitiated, a segment about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the UK earlier in 2015 was included on John Oliver’s programme “Last Week Tonight” The show’s host claimed that the Kohinoor diamond had been “taken” from India and was now lying down on a “beautiful head sofa” (he gestured at a picture of the British throne).

Kohinoor’s return has been demanded by the government on several occasions, the first one being in 1947

Beginning in the 14th century, a sizable, colourless diamond known as Kohinoor—which means “Mountain of Light”—was found in southern India. A long-running ownership dispute involves the costly jewel, which belonged to the British during the colonial era. has ownership claims made by at least four countries, including India. However, the British government has always refuted the allegations.

The ownership of the diamond was in question once more following Queen Elizabeth II’s demise. The 105-carat diamond, which is steeped in royal history, will be given to King Charles III’s wife, Duchess of Cornwall Camilla, upon her coronation as Queen consort.


Raveena Tandon shares John Oliver’s old video on Kohinoor with a hilarious response

Indians haven’t formally requested the British return of the Kohinoor diamond for many years. Queen Elizabeth II’s death has brought the Kohinoor controversy back into the spotlight.

Famous actress Raveena Tandon recently uploaded old footage from political commentator and comedian John Oliver’s show to weigh in on this discussion. Oliver mocks Britain in the film for appropriating priceless artefacts and other items from other countries and claiming them as their own.

She scribed,

“Just fantastic! His Punchline: “The entire British museum should be declared an active crime scene!””

With Netflix’s Aranyak, Raveena Tandon makes her OTT debut in 2021. Her most recent film role was in KGF Chapter 2, which was the year’s biggest box office success in India. She played the Indian Prime Minister in the film.

She is reportedly going to star in the next movie Ghudchadi directed by Binoy Gandhi. Alongside Sanjay Dutt, Parth Samthaan, and Aruna Irani, she will appear in the film.