Renee Gracie Earned Huge Money Just In A Month After Joining Adult Film Industry From Racing


Renee Gracie now: Supercars fans were surprised to learn that after a seven-year career as a race car driver, Renee Gracie now earns more than $90,000 per month.

After switching careers former Australian race car driver Renee Gracie received a significant pay rise. Renee Gracie was Australia’s first full-time female racer in the V8 Supercars Super2 category in over 14 years but struggled to gain an income that would reach ends throughout her seven-year racer career. Renee Grace joined the adult film industry and saw a considerable increase in her pay, earning more than a reported $90,650 a month. A number of social media fans asked ‘What is Renee Gracie doing now? ‘And’ is Australia’s Renee Gracie racing career over? ‘.

What is Renee Gracie now doing? Is Renee Gracie Australia racing career over?

The “What’s Renee Gracie doing now? ‘Trendy question on social media after stories that the 25-year-old joined the adult film industry have emerged. By her own approval. The videos and photos of Renee Gracie are currently priced at $12.95 a month and her fan page has over 7,000 subscribers. Renee Gracie struggled to make it big as a racer and opted for a career path that would have allowed her to earn more money over a short time.

Renee Gracie is now making around $90,650 a month after changing careers, according to telegraph reports. The former race car driver claims that moving into the adult film industry after a failed stint as a race car driver is the best thing she’s done in her entire life. Reports also claim that this year Renee Gracie is on course to earn more than $1million.

Is Renee Gracie Australia racing career over? Renee Gracie racer turned adult film star

Amid the stories claiming that Renee Gracie now has joined the adult film industry, some fans on social media asked ‘Is the Renee Gracie Australia racing career over?’ Earlier this year, Renee Gracie announced that racing is no longer her passion. Supercars also announced they will distance themselves from Renee Gracie following her change in career. The statement read that Renee Gracie will no longer be driving in the Supercars series. 

Renee Gracie videos: Renee Gracie racer to adult film star

Renee Gracie worked on a nearby car yard before choosing to turn career directions, after deciding to call it quits with racing. In a matter of 12 months, the Renee Gracie videos have given the 25-year-old enough money to pay off its 30-year housing loan. The Renee Gracie Instagram page has more than 435,000 followers and Gracie plans to keep on minting social media capital.