Satish Kaushik’s Death Case Takes New Twist, Wife Of Delhi Businessman Claims Her Husband Killed Actor For Rs 15 Crore


On March 9, 2023, in the wee hours, renowned actor-producer Satish Kaushik passed away at the age of 66. His demise put the entire country in shock including PM Modi who dubbed him a ‘creative genius’ in his tweet of sorrow. The late actor’s manager Santosh Rai has made some startling revelations amid an active investigation into his case.

Santosh, who has worked for Satish for more than 34 years, was present when the sad sequence of events occurred on March 8, late in the evening, just before Holi.

A woman claiming to be the wife of a Delhi-based businessman has claimed that her husband allegedly killed Satish Kaushik for Rs 15 crore that he allegedly stole from the actor for use as investment in Dubai in the latest development in the case involving the death of the renowned Bollywood actor-director.

In a complaint she filed with the Delhi Police Commissioner’s office, the woman claimed that Kuashik was demanding the money back that her husband had refused to pay. She claimed that Kaushik was killed with some medicines that her husband had planned.

A senior police official had earlier on Saturday claimed that they had found some “medicines” in the farmhouse in Delhi where the 66-year-old actor had attended a party before passing away, allegedly from a heart arrest.

Vikas said he’ll use Russian girls, blue pills to k*LL Satish Kaushik: Businessman’s wife

Businessman Wife

The second wife of the businessman, Saanvi, accused Kuber Group Director Vikas Malu of being responsible for Satish Kaushik’s demise, saying that Vikas promised to “use blue pills and Russian hookers” to end Kaushik’s life. This is in response to reports that Kaushik was staying at Malu’s farmhouse, where certain medications were reportedly found. Significantly, Malu’s little son’s accusation led to Saanvi’s arrest under the POCSO Act.

She confirmed that it was a planned mu*der to IANS, which has access to a copy of the woman’s complaint.

According to the woman, she wed the businessman on March 13, 2019, and she met Kaushik through her husband. The deceased actor allegedly met the couple frequently in Dubai and India. On August 23, 2022, she said Kaushik had come to their Dubai home and demanded Rs 15 crore from her husband.

“In the drawing-room, where Kaushik and my husband got into a fight, I was present. Kaushik claimed that he needed money badly and that it had been three years since he paid my husband Rs 15 crore for investments. Additionally, Kaushik said that he felt defrauded because no investments were made and no money was repaid “read the grievance. She also uploaded a picture of Kaushik and the businessman taken at a Dubai party. The woman claimed that the party also included the son of organised crime figure Dawood Ibrahim.

“My husband assured Him that he would quickly pay back the loan. My husband explained that he misplaced Kaushik’s money during the Covid epidemic when I asked him what was wrong. Also, my husband stated that he intended to get rid of Kaushik “According to the complaint, her husband is a drug dealer of numerous varieties. According to the complaint, on August 24, 2022, the businessman and Kaushik got into a furious disagreement about the money.

According to the woman, her husband allegedly said to Kaushik that the payment was made in advance thus there was no documentation of it, but he was willing to reimburse it and just needed some time. “My husband then overheard Kaushik saying that he had given him a promissory note. I’m currently reading about Kaushik’s passing. I have every reason to believe that my husband, together with his helpers, planned to use narcotics to k*ll Kaushik so he wouldn’t have to pay back the money “Read the complaint.

“Santosh, main marna nahin chahta, mujhe bacha lo,” Satish said to his manager. Vanshika ke lye jeena mujhe. Mujhe lagta hai main nahi bachunga. Khayyal rakhna Shashi aur Vanshika. He had diabetes, high blood pressure, and asthma, according to the actor’s management. Yet, his asthma was not severe.

Source: DNA