Revealed: The Truth About How Scenes Are Filmed In Movies


After watching a steamy sequence on the big screen, when you get all the fidgety into your seat, imagine what the actors who filmed it might have had to go through. And what an FYI! It’s not fun to make enjoyment for someone you’re not involved with and in front of over a hundred people. The se*- scenes choreography is unglamorous and it’s mostly about angles to the camera. So many times it is necessary to recreate awkward scenes and embarrassing moments, from dry humping to getting nude in front of a complete stranger.

Contrary to their portrayal as romantic, normal and effortless, filming se* scenes can be emotionally taxing for the actors involved. And the sets are soft. Not like being made to believe’ steamy’ heavy. Only plain hot, humid! All the raunchy moments on the screen that has a dream-like quality are, in reality, the total sum of n*de-coloured panties, full-body making, and prosthetics. Being an actor isn’t just about glamour and sexy celebrity romance. Here’s the truth about how they actually film those se* scenes.

1. Performance Issues – Boners Happen And Don’t Happen!

Well, anxiety over performance is a real thing. Se*ual excitement doesn’t always come easy. Now imagine trying to do it in front of cameras, flashlights now strangers like a zillion. An unnamed actor admitted that, when shooting intimate scenes, he clarifies his approach to his acting partner: “Sorry if I do, sorry if I don’t, in terms of erections. That way, if it pops up, she won’t be afraid that it will go beyond acting. If it doesn’t, she won’t feel excluded.” Accidents can happen in a romantic / se*ually charged setting. Let’s call it just a’ company threat.’ Blink*

2. Shooting Does Not Stop If An Actress Is On Her Pe*iod

Yup, that sounds like a terrible ordeal for starlets on silver screens. Actresses use bikini bites— a special fabric fastener that offers hours of holding power— to cover their genitals when they are in their period. And if they need to change their tampons, the bikini bite can come on and off but it’s an adhesive so it kind of sucks anyway.

3. All That Sweat Is Artificial

Yeah!Yeah! The actors are not sweating, because they are trapped in the moment’s sun. Rather, by drenching the actors in artificial sweat, the makeup artists ensure that they bring out the passion in the scene. First and foremost! “We can make the actors look sweaty in different ways,” says the makeup artist Rocio Jahanbakhsh. “It depends on whether the director needs to drip sweat or just want the actors to look sticky without saturation. I put Vaseline on their faces if it’s just an oily skin look. When it comes to the body… I’ve used baby oil mixed with water,” she says.

4. Full-Body Makeup

Full-body machining is a trade trick. Sometimes the actors have pimples and tattoos on their skin which have to be completely covered up with makeup to achieve the’ sensual glow’ the director wants. The makeup is something like a second skin. The actors just can’t put on robes between the scenes to cover up because the make-up/spray tan might rub off on clothing, bedding, furniture, or other actors.

5. Body Doubles Aren’t Only Used For Stunts

Many actors aren’t comfortable going’ all na*ed’ to shoot se* scenes in front of the camera. That is when it comes in when the body doubles. Such faceless actors who step up do all the heavy lifting with their hearts should be praised. An actor (who chose to remain anonymous) stepped in to film a se* scene in a TV series for a certain Hollywood star. “It’s been a lot of different things from Kam* Sut*a, and whatnot,” he says. “Five or six hours of filming, and for days I skinned my knees, bruises, and plasters.” Ouch!

7. Genitals Are Covered

During intimate scenes, not every actor is relaxed shooting’ au naturel.’ Sarah Basta, an on-set customer, says, “There are a few items we always have in our kit: the c*ck sock, the snatch patch. A c*ck sock is a skin-coloured bag he keeps all his stuff in; it has a drawstring on it. You put your junk in there and then you double-knot it. While women wear a landing-str*p-like patch stuck on with either double-stick tape or waterproof roll-on adhesives.”

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