Rihanna Baffles Fans By Smelling Her Hand In Super Bowl Halftime


With her outstanding halftime act, Rihanna managed to steal the Super Bowl, but several fans were left perplexed by one little moment that they might have missed.

Yes, she grabbed her crotch and smelled her hand at one point while performing her greatest songs for the crowd.

Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime

The 34-year-old singer treated us to a mix of favourites like “We Found Love,” “Diamonds,” “Rude Boy,” “Umbrella,” and “Work” during her first live performance in more than five years. She descended from above on a platform while wearing a striking red gown and was flanked by a group of dancers.

The celebrity also took the opportunity to announce that she is expecting a second child; she and husband A$AP Rocky welcomed a son in May of last year.

Credit: TikTok

However, that wasn’t the only conversation starter of the evening as fans at home noticed an odd element in the set as Rihanna sang “Rude Boy.”

Rihanna stroked her palm across her crotch before repeatedly gyrating as the camera panned into the stage and through her dancers. Then she brought her palm up to her face and pretended to sniff it.

Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime

Someone wrote, “So is it just me, or did Rihanna just grab her junk and then sniff and taste it?”

Way to remain elegant! Another person questioned, “Did Rihanna just smell her fingers and then itch her crotch?” However, some people were less perplexed and more furious.

“Low energy and unpleasant,” one person said. Why did she grab her behind before smelling it? awful show for our children!

Credit: TikTok

Another individual remarked: “It seems like I’m the only person on Twitter who thought Rihanna’s halftime concert was awful. Why does she touch her crotch in front of children watching a show? And why do her backup dancers seem like the icky COVID freaks who perform the disgusting brain swab exams in hazmat suits?

However, most viewers were moved by Rihanna’s remarkable performance, with one writing on Twitter: “Now THAT was a halftime show!! DAMN.

Rihanna Super Bowl Halftime

“The #SuperBowl HT performance deserves so much praise from everyone involved in the directing, choreography, staging, dancing, and construction.”

Apart from a large group of dancers who were all dressed in white, Rihanna didn’t even invite any special guests. She stated that when she decided to perform one more: “I was like, ‘You sure? I’ve had my baby for three months.

Should I be making decisions of this magnitude at this time? This might be a mistake.

“There’s something that just happens when you become a mother where you feel like you could take on the world – you can do anything.

As terrifying as that was, the Super Bowl is one of the largest stages in the world, so the difficulty of it all was exhilarating. My son has to understand that, I think.

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