‘Franchise More Important Than Country’ Fans Slam ‘Shameless’ Rohit Over His Post For Pollard


On Tuesday, Kieron Pollard declared his retirement from the Indian Premier League (IPL), stating that he could only see playing for the Mumbai Indians.

Photo: © IPL (Main Image)

Worldwide tributes began to arrive, and current and past Mumbai Indians players joined them in wishing Pollard the best of luck in his upcoming innings on social media.

The former West Indies all-rounder also disclosed that, although leaving the MI team, he will remain with the organisation and begin a new chapter as the team’s batting coach under Rohit Sharma.

Among all the accolades, Mumbai Indians captain Rohit stood out in the eyes of the audience.
Great man, a big influence, and always played with passion. A real MI legend @kieron.pollard55,” Rohit wrote alongside a photo of the two on Instagram.

The post quickly gained popularity on social media, but not for the right reasons. Fans took notice of Rohit’s absence from the press conference following India’s loss to England in the T20 World Cup 2022 semifinal and his lack of social media posts regarding India’s campaign.

But as soon as the information reached his franchise’s camp, he was ready to respond.

Fans began to criticise the Indian captain for putting his franchise ahead of his country and questioned Rohit about his priorities.

Following the tragedy of the T20 World Cup, Rohit was spotted sobbing by himself in the dugout, and there were rumours that he even sobbed in the dressing room.

Fans at the time sympathised with him, but some of them became irate when he failed to post anything for Team India and afterwards failed to respond quickly to a development involving his franchise, the Mumbai Indians.

Rohit will not play in the white-ball matches in Bangladesh and New Zealand since he has taken a hiatus from international cricket. Only the Bangladesh Test series will see him come back.