After MS Dhoni, KRK Blames Virat Kohli’s Arrogance For RCB’s Poor Show In The IPL

KRK Blames Virat Kohli's Arrogance For RCB's Poor Show In The IPL

Kamaal Rashid Khan‘s habit of trolling people on social media will never die. This man just doesn’t have a filter. The Sad thing is he has been in the spotlight more for his tweets than for his movies.

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Soon after taking a sly dig at former Indian captain MS Dhoni, KRK attempts to troll Virat Kohli keeping in view the poor performance of Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League.Also, Read Arnab Goswami’s Republic Starts With A Bang! Tapes Of Lalu Talking To A Criminal Released

Through a tweet, he called Kohli  ‘Aashiq (lover) and Vijay Mallaya a “Bhagoda’ (escapist).Also, Read African Woman Strips In Delhi Metro After A Brawl With Passengers Over A Seat

MS Dhoni,Wrong,Way,KRK,Blames,Virat Kohli,Arrogance,RCB,Poor,Show,IPL

We all know about Kohli’s temper and how he can shut people up with his short temper. Now that RCB are busy wrapping up their league stage matches, we hope Kohli finds time to lash out at KRK!Also, Read FBI Translator Who Was Supposed To Interrogate ISIS Terrorist Ends Up Marrying Him, Lands In Jail.

Well, RCB team members are going through a very tough time.They are perpetually failed to perform in a row.

ABD Gives Emotional Speech


ABD certainly hasn’t had a great season with the bat. He recently made a comeback from an injury and is yet to deliver after that. IPL’s 10-year celebrations happened earlier this week on Wednesday. RCB are currently out of the competition and will face Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Daredevils.