Russian Woman Murders Boyfriend During Sex Game, Chops His Body & Hangs It In Her Room

investigating, psychiatric, authority, butcher, social media, terrible

Sex is difficult to discuss openly, especially enacting fantasies and desires that are taboo. But ever since the release of “Fifty Shades of Grey” we’ve heard of a range of unusual sexual practices that have gone mainstream and it involves everything from bondage, domination, sadism, and masochism.

investigating, psychiatric, authority, butcher, social media, terrible

But this precise incident pronounced from Russi is past traumatic. 

21-year-old Anastasia Onegina, a resident of Russia murdered her 24-year-old boyfriend Dmitry Sinkevich who was a former policeman and conscript soldier, at her flat in Oryol before slicing him up using a kitchen knife.

investigating, psychiatric, authority, butcher, social media, terrible

According to a Daily Mail report, she beheaded him, cut off his genitals and cheeks, severed his limbs, removed several fingers and toes and then gutted him. Some pieces she threw into the bins outside, others she stored in the freezer, and yet more were hung on hooks around her

like a butcher’s shop.

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Her partner allegedly died of asphyxiation when they were playing a BDSM sex game. While she was cutting his body, her sister called her and asked her what she was doing. And she nonchalantly said that she chopping up her boyfriend.

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Her panic-stricken sister then called the authority and reported the incident. The girl’s neighbor later saw inside her apartment and the described horrific scene.

“I managed to see how it was. His meat was hanging on hooks, but they did not allow me to stop and look too closely. His hands and feet in the trash, guts in a package in the refrigerator, fingers are scattered across the flat.” Neighbour said.

investigating, psychiatric, authority, butcher, social media, terrible

The neighbor disclosed some shocking facts to the police and complained that the duo was a fan of occultism and BDSM, and their social media has satanist orgies.

The cops investigated boy’s social media profile and found he was subscribed to a satanist group and had pictures linked to devil posted on social sites.

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According to reports she was married but post their wedding, her husband died after which she was sent to the psychiatric hospital for a year and a half but later was released.

However, Anastasia, afraid to be found guilty said that she had not killed her boyfriend Sinkevich and that she found him dead before dismembering the corpse. But, later she admitted her crime.Police are investigating the case as the court has directed her to undergo psychiatric tests.

While these are things we see in gory movies, it’s unnerving to learn that such terrible things can take place in real life too. Horrifying is an understatement.

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