Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes Live in A Small Apartment, Cook and Clean By Themselves, And Don’t Hire Babysitters


Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, a married celebrity couple, are one of the public’s favourites since they are so understated but also deeply committed to family and love. Together, the two have two girls, and they are committed to living simply for them. And so far, they’ve done a fairly good job of managing their lives without a babysitter!

Ryan and Eva chose to live in a modest apartment with their two kids.

Even though they were A-listers, they declined to indulge by buying enormous homes and sprawling mansions in the wealthiest Hollywood neighbourhoods. Instead, they’ve been sharing a two-bedroom flat, which is just big enough for the kids to have a typical childhood. Even though they are frequently in the public eye, the pair never makes a big deal about their personal life.

Esmeralda, their eldest child, is eight years old, and Amanda is six. The family decided against hiring babysitters and would only enlist the assistance of Eva’s elderly relatives if absolutely necessary.

They would divide the work around the house and are the cutest pair. Eva is the family’s “kitchen freak” and particularly enjoys cleaning.

They would divide the work around the house and are the cutest pair. Eva is the family’s “kitchen freak” and particularly enjoys cleaning.

Mendes currently co-owns a business that produces an “anti-germ” or “smart” sponge, which she personally uses for cleaning. She says she enjoys doing the dishes and finds it calming, especially when things are busy.

Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling’s apartment

“Life is so disorderly. But my home and kitchen are the only things I have control over. So, for me, doing the dishes is a form of meditation. Actually, it goes far further than simple cleanup. It really makes sense to me. For me, a clean washbasin equates to a clear mind.

Along with her famous status, Mendes does business calls for the company while working from home.

Ryan Gosling eva mendes child

She explained in a comical way that things frequently don’t go as “formal” as some people wanted to think with the honest appearance of her daughter in the Zoom calls.

“I have no idea with whom I’ll be Zooming during the day. People will start to giggle, and my 5-year-old, who just turned 6 years old, will be right behind me with her blanket and look so adorable.

Ryan Gosling is another—he enjoys cooking!

“Ryan’s the cook,” she enthused over Ryan’s cooking. He’s a fantastic cook. You cook, I clean strikes a really wonderful balance, in my opinion. And it simply functions for us.

Gosling is a father first and foremost, according to Eva, who is taking a sabbatical from performing. The parents also attempted to educate the daughters themselves, but Eva rapidly saw that she couldn’t balance both motherhood and education. They now have a tutor who instructs them at home and while travelling.

We’re fortunate enough to travel with someone who can currently continue their education, and we make an effort to fully immerse ourselves in each new location we visit.

The decision of the family to stay out of the Hollywood spotlight has made them a distinctive family that is adored by many.