Saif Ali Khan Said He Has Been The Victim Of Nepotism; Twitter Says, 50 Rs Kaat Overacting Ka’


With the Sushant Singh Rajput ‘s death, the controversy about nepotism has re-emerged. The new celebrity facing the uproar is actor Saif Ali Khan who said that he too is a nepotism survivor.

Reacting to Kangana Ranaut ‘s allegations recently and her allegations in the Koffee With Karan chat show, Saif Ali Khan said,

“I have no idea what Kangana was saying on Koffee with Karan because I don’t think like that. As far as Karan is concerned, he has made himself a large symbol and it seems like he’s attracting a lot of flak for it. The truth is always complicated. There’s much more to it but people aren’t interested in that. I hope the tide is over and better things shine through.”

Saif opened up and went on to reveal, speaking to the New Indian Express, that he was also a victim of nepotism. He said, “He said,”

“In India, there is disparity which needs to be addressed. Nepotism, favouritism, and camps are different subjects. Even I was a victim of nepotism, but no one is talking about it. I ‘m pleased to see more people come to the fore from film institutes.

He also spoke about his experience working with Sushant Singh Rajput in the upcoming movie Dil Bechara falling on July 24th. He said, “He said,”

“He was a talented director and a man of good looks. I figured his future was perfect. He was friendly towards me and enjoyed my presence as a guest in the film. He wanted to focus on a lot of subjects like astronomy and philosophy. I got the feeling he was lighter than I was.

The people on Twitter hadn’t gone to go easy on Khan though. The actor was roasted by The Web. Below are a couple of those tweets.

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