Influencer Receives Vulgar Texts From A Guy, She Sends Screenshots To His Family


Our country’s online economy is currently expanding because of the arrival of inexpensive internet. A diversity of opinions that previously lacked a forum to speak out are now finding a way to be heard thanks to the vast accessibility, and they can now be seen on a daily basis on different social media sites.

By trolling celebrities on social media, many users of these social media platforms make a living. Because of this, trolling on social media sites has also gained popularity as the internet has grown.

While many average people don’t experience the most extreme trolling, the majority of celebrities are frequently the target of violent trolling on social media.

Because they believe that famous people are unconcerned with such things, it does seem simple for critics to write a few hurtful remarks. Many people are still affected by these trolls because they are not machines but rather regular humans, even though some celebrities don’t pay them any attention.

They don’t realise that there are smarter people on the other side of their screens, which might force them to apologise for encouraging hate while attacking others online.

Recently, influencer Sakshi Shivdasani came up with the amazing idea to punish a troll.

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So, here’s what she did:

Influencer Sakshi Shivdasani hit back at the troll with the brilliant method

The most offensive comments were recently delivered to Sakshi Shivdasani over Instagram DM by an extremely bright young man who made a remark on the appearance of her breasts.

She probably has seen such defamatory material online before and had the opportunity to ignore it. Still, instead, she decided to make him apologise for acting like such a loser online.

It was a wise move on the part of the fashion influencer to show his family screenshots of the man’s rude comments to her. She then took on the role of a detective, tracing every tie connecting her to his family. She then started sneaking into their DM and started giving them sneak peeks at the online activities their beloved son and brother take part in.

She first sent the screenshot to his mother

Influencer Sakshi Shivdasani/Instagram

Then again, she messaged his sister because his mother didn’t respond

Sakshi Shivdasani/Instagram

She also discovered the father and brother of the bully’s Facebook and Instagram accounts

Sakshi Shivdasani/Instagram

He started crying and begging her for forgiveness as soon as she started disclosing on her Instagram stories that she had tracked down all of his family members online and was showing them the messages he had sent her.

Then there was a deluge of unaware “I’m sorry” and “please forgive me” texts from him as his family gradually came to realise how disgusting he is.

Sakshi Shivdasani/Instagram

Sakshi Shivdasani is a highly recognised fashion influencer

Sakshi is well known for the content she often publishes under the “Reels” category on Instagram. Thanks to the vast audience she has attracted to her social media platforms with her compelling and timely content, she presently has more than 334k followers on Instagram.

Sakshi started her modelling career in 2016, and a Maybelline Cosmetics internal commercial featured her. Sakshi participated in the Miss Umang Beauty Pageant in 2013 and finished in the top 5.

Additionally, she was featured in an Uber Eats web promo. Shivdasani has also worked as a model for TOABH Talent Management and as an associate at US Freedom Capital.