Sarah Hyland Slams Troll Who Shamed Ariel Winter’s ‘Revealing’ Clothes In Instagram Post


It is so well portrayed here it looks like a video snapshot. For sure, this is perfectly stylised.

The cast celebrated the last episode of the series with a wrap party after 11 great seasons of “Modern Family.”

One final hoorah before they say goodbye forever!

Sarah shared tons of Party photos, with the caption:

“I love these people with all my heart. 11 years together is proof that you and your tv sister will begin to wear the same outfit, siblings will be made for life, and you will fight over the same teacher forever.”

“We’re always going to be Dunphys and we’re going to always have one another.”

Unfortunately, some people were far too distracted to enjoy the heartfelt caption of Sarah by the risqué dress of Ariel.

While many of us can agree that Ariel looked amazing no matter how much skin she showed, there were some people who were less impressed.

There is no shortage of comments similar to this one on Sarah’s post.

Another fan chimed in, claiming that the outfit of Ariel is something that would be better suited to her boyfriend in a strip club, or as a present.

Not sure who made the person responsible for what clothes are only appropriate in sexualized circumstances, but I must disagree politically.

If you have it, then flaunt it!

Some fans agreed that the dress was definitely sexy, but perhaps not suitable for a party that you attend with your colleagues.

But she did it anyway because it’s her body, her choice and that’s why I love her!