Satish Kaushik’s Wife Shashi Finally Speaks On Murder Claims By Delhi-Based Woman


Satish Kaushik, a seasoned actor and director in Bollywood, died on March 8, 2023, at the age of 66. In Delhi, a sudden heart arrest caused his early demise. The wife of a Delhi-based businessman said that perhaps the star didn’t pass away naturally just a day after the news of his passing.

Satish celebrated Holi 2023 at the home of Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi, as seen in his most recent Instagram photo. His death has recently been the subject of murder allegations, and the late actor’s wife has now made the decision to address the gossip.

The wife of Delhi-based businessman Vikas Malu, Saanvi Malu, has charged her husband with being complicit in Kaushik’s death.

Saanvi has spoken up about her husband and their money disagreement.

Saanvi alleged in her formal statement to the Delhi Police that her husband was somehow connected to Kaushik’s passing since the latter owed him Rs 15 crore. She made it very clear that Vikas was unable to refund the money and that he likely intended to kill the actor as a result. According to reports, Satish was having a good time before he passed away at Vikas’ property near Delhi.

The late filmmaker’s wife, Shashi Kaushik, finally spoke up about these rumours.

She has referred to them as baseless accusations and charged Saanvi with purposefully maligning her late husband. With these warped rumours that are catching on like wildfire, Shashi is not at all pleased.

The wife of Satish Kaushik has commented on the sensational murder claims. She asserted that Saanvi’s assertion is obviously false and that all the financial transaction reports that have been produced are forgeries. In her interview with ABP News, she stated that Vikas Malu and Satish were close friends and that Malu never requested a loan from her husband.

She said,

“The cops have verified everything. I don’t understand how she is claiming that he had been administered drugs and murdered. I don’t understand why she is trying to defame my husband after he has passed away”

Shashi further asserted that Saanvi is likely attempting to extort money from her husband Vikas and is doing so by damaging Satish’s reputation.

The Delhi Police were forced to launch an investigation into Satish Kaushik’s death following Saanvi’s public accusations. Also, they have disclosed that the late actor did indeed pass away from a heart attack rather than being the victim of any suspicious behaviour. Also, Kaushik’s post-mortem report accurately noted that he had 98% blockage and that there were no signs of drug use in his body, according to Shashi.