Scientists Reveal 8 Proven Traits Men Are Physically Attracted To

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About everybody wants to know the answer to the question, “How to make the opposite s3x attractive?” Scientists claim to be ready to reveal the truth at last. The findings can shock people who think only women with pretty faces and slim bodies are checked out by men.

1. Figure

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When a man sees a woman, he subconsciously feels that he may or may not have babies with her. That’s why a woman with bigger hips and a smaller waist is looking for the male brain. The woman has to look healthy and fruitful.

The studies found the optimal ratio for a female body, and it is safer for a woman to have a rate of 7:10 waist-to-hip. Such a percentage tells a man that such hips are suitable for conception!

2. Smile

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For men, this is an attractive feature. A smile is something that can catch the attention of any man. This woman is looking more open and willing to flirt.

Is that simple? Not. People are also staring at the teeth of women. It doesn’t mean you need bright white teeth in Hollywood movies like actresses— avoid things like bad breath and yellow teeth. It is also linked to the fact that good-looking teeth are a sign of good health and good genetics. We all know that for his future babies, a man is looking for a mother.

3. Facial symmetry

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One of the most appealing physical features is facial symmetry. It is explained by the fact that our brains perceive symmetrical faces more efficiently than less symmetrical faces visually.

Of course, we all understand that a 100 percent symmetrical face can not be identified. But the fewer asymmetries you have, the more people’s eyes can capture your look.