These Selfie Look Normal Until You Don’t Focus On The Background


Here are some the epic pictures which seem perfectly normal when you see it at once but when you take a close look at all these pictures then you will find it all very funny and epic.

Have a look at these pictures!

1. The girl was happy and decided to take a pic of herself but didn’t notice about the background.


2. “I took a selfie in front of Cinderella’s Castle, but this girl did not approve…” she captioned it when she posted it on her social media profile.


3. When everyone around you chilling with their partner but you are single. 


4. Best photobombing ever!


5. When Horse also wanna contribute to making your pic good.


6. When you really want to be a part of that girl gang.


7. The expression of that kid in the background perfectly defines the weather.


8. That jealous cat in the background.


9. When you are too confident about your body.


10. Is that a poster or an actual lady?


11. The perfect timing ever.


12. Well! parents know how to make it better.

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