Sex Chat India: Successful or Not?

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Let’s talk it out. How to sex chat in India is looking to promote sex-positivity in a notoriously tight-lipped country.

India is well known for many things: Curry, Bollywood, ornate cultural dress and tradition. One thing that they’d rather not be famous for, however, is how their antiquated laws have become an oppressive patriarchal culture. 

Despite India’s best efforts to align itself with the Westernized world, one thing still stands out in stark contrast to modern ethics: the way they view sexuality. India is notorious around the globe for being prudish in the ways that they handle the ideas of sexuality and gender. 

The massive county houses a rich and diverse culture, steeped in tradition. From their food to design and everyday life, much of that culture is being heartily embraced in other regions of the world. India still lacks genuine equality and a good hold on sexual health and wellness. But, with a rise in availability, sex chats India hopes to spawn a healthier generation. 

Sex Chat India: Tight Lips Sink Ships 

Although cultural attitudes regarding sex are distinct to each region, one thing remains held true throughout: Sex is taboo and you’re not to talk about it. From this veil of silence, Indians are far less likely to explore personal desires, have access to proper sex education and healthcare, as well as destroy infrastructure and budget

Health concerns are on the rise because of the misinformation regarding the use of contraception. Unwanted pregnancy, dangerous STD/STIs, child abuse, rape and other plagues on public mental and physical health are stretching resources thin. The educative process lacks good information or an open forum where people feel comfortable getting sexual questions answered honestly. 

In an effort to curb these disastrous outcomes to a history of solemn silence, clever businesses are beginning to promote sexual discussion in ways that still align with Indian perspectives. Through the routes and means that westerners know well: Sex chat lines and adult toy stores.

While it may seem a bit flippant to promote sexuality in such a blatant and weirdly pornographic way, entrepreneurs have seen that the only way to get Indian people freely discussing the larger idea of sexuality, is to start by understanding and appreciating their own. 

The advent of sex talk lines is nothing new to most of the world, but to India, they hold a function higher than that of the disembodied voice of the girl of your dreams. In an annual report released by sex chat India’s biggest provider, Indian Sex Talk describes just how important their service is. 

“…a minimum of 35% of calls are not erotic by nature at all.” The service reports. 

Sex Chat India: Changing the Conversation

Indian Sex Talk states that their service while being great for exploring personal satisfaction, is also being used as an open forum where clients can discuss any number of sexual questions. They are actively encouraged to seek advice or discuss relationships. Openly talking about the problems that are too intense to bring to friends and family. “A lot of these calls often turn into some form of friendship or are advisory by nature.” The company says. 

Often times, colonial-era Puritan belief systems serve more to alienate and promote loneliness than they provide comfort and acceptance. The company goes on to say that many people find themselves calling in just to have someone to talk to, whether it be about sex or not. 

The calls come from all over India, with the largest number of clients in Bangalore. While it seems fitting that larger sixties with less constrictive views would frequent the service more often, Indian Sex Talk states that they also receive a shocking number of calls from more rural areas and tiny cities like Indore. Ther service caters to clients of any age, providing the caller is over 18. Men and women alike are encouraged to use the service, but the company says that men are far more likely to call in. 

So while the rest of the world may view sex chat lines as something from the past that doesn’t have much relevance in the digital age, Indian Sex Talk and companies like it beg to differ. Whether or not the company is successful in their endeavors is fully subjective, but providing a place where people can talk about sex freely and comfortably is enough for them. “We want people to be happy, loved, and comfortable. Everyone deserves that, and until it can be provided elsewhere, that’s what we strive to give.”